Artist Statement

Migrating with a whole family is not only about collecting landscapes to be shared on the internet.

It is a breakthrough into someone's identity.

Coming from France, the familiar landscapes and perspectives are suddenly replaced by unending spaces.

Home, the safe place we all need, is a weight when it comes to migration. The things you carry with you, clothes, books, memories, are part of your identity.

... But things you carry also make you vulnerable to changes. What about the people you bring with you in the crossing?

Our relationship to objects, love or embarrassment, is rocked when we relocate. When these objects start to have a life on their own, like computers or phones, the border between being observed rather than observers is blurred. Nature itself is screened.

If to observe is to control, it is urgent that we learn and teach how to travel, to contemplate with human eyes our homes or our landscapes, to observe closely the time passing over the ones we love. I create art for the sake of freedom.

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