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Artist Statement

(Because of an allergic condition, I became forced to use non-allergen products, pigments and surfaces. It made me reconsider the relationship between the artist and the art product manufacturer, and also the process of producing an artwork. For instance, the sets of ready made pigments create different color spaces and highly influence the resulting image. While desperate about not being able to "paint", I became very slowly aware that this poisoning by plastics, preservatives and chemicals was also impairing our environment. This event of a highly allergic condition led me to try and blur the border between painting, drawing, weaving and embroidery. I explore technical possibilities to renew our imagery, but how to paint beautiful, poisoned landscapes now? I've found papers and watercolors that do not trigger asthma and are safe for me, the environment and the art collector.)

I initially began drawing with an interest in landscapes and in the representation of space, something more visible in my abstract works. In drawings and paintings, I reverse the traditional perspective, using instead personal composition grids based on the golden ratio. I was inspired to use them after seeing certain structures in the trees. They are based on recent math works, for instance from Sir Penrose, who in his youth used to correspond with M.C.Escher. I am always very interested to see similar constructions in old masterpieces or icons. Digital tools help me to "weave" my works in finished paintings that contradict the usual rules of space representation and perspective. The resulting images are a new, living creation in the world, not a replacement.

By combining images of human-made and natural subjects in my surrealistic artworks, I aim to challenge the feeling of oppression induced by our times. I am interested in the emotions of distanciation or (reversely) fusion, to the world. In recent months, I felt language became dysfunctional. The art of conversation has grown fragile. Yet human words give us the illusion that nothing in the world is out of our understanding. I intend to depict unspeakable stories with many layers of interpretation.

Curriculum Vitae: recent events

On 1stDibs with John Gagne Contemporary Arts here

On Artsy with Coastal Contemporary Gallery here

Red Dot Culture here

Artist member at Cambridge Art Association.

Member of Concord Art Association, Belmont Art Association, Needham Art Association and Tapestry Weavers West.

Masterclass "Géricault, Delacroix, Manet and Toulouse-Lautrec, French painting in the 19th century"

French Library in Boston, MA

                                    Jan 10, 17, 24, 31 and Feb 4th 2023

Cambridge Art Association Winter exhibition

                                                          Dec 5-Dec31

Bromfield Gallery "Winter Works" Annual regional juried show.

Boston MA                                           Nov30 Dec18

Gallery Twist, "Illumination"                      Dec2 Jan2

Lexington MA 

Center At The Heights, Needham             Nov4 Dec31

Kathryn Schultz Gallery, New England juried fiber arts exhibition "Tradition: reinvented"

Cambridge, MA                                   Oct 27 Nov19

Cheyenne Frontier Days                          Nov 4 -Dec 4

Old West Museum, Cheyenne WY

Annual New Frontiers National Juried Art Show and Sale

Rhode Island Watercolor Society, "World of Wonder"

Pawtucket RI                                         Sep 17-Oct 14

Oxford Arts Alliance, 8th Annual National Juried Exhibition, Juried by Kyle Staver

Oxford, PA                                           Oct 7-28

New England Watercolor Society "Celebrate New England"

Plymouth, MA                                       Sep 8- Nov 2

American Tapestry Alliance                   July 1-29

"Tiny but mighty"

Knoxville, TN

Copley Society                                July 14 - Aug 20

National juried exhibition "Crossing Border"

Boston, MA

Rhode Island Watercolor Society

National juried show

Pawtucket, RI                                      Jun 22-July 15

Rhode Island Watercolor Society

Member spring national juried show

Pawtucket, RI                                      Apr 23-May 27

Needham Art Association Spring show   May 3- Jun 3

Group Exhibition at the French Residency  Mar 7- 14

Renaissance (International Women's Day)

Cambridge, MA

Featured in House and Garden, UK here

Interview in Clover and Bee here

Broomfield Gallery, Boston MA             Dec 1- Dec 19

Winter Works

Coastal Contemporary Gallery              Oct 23rd - Nov 28th

Group exhibition

"Surface Area"

Newport, RI    

RAA&M National Juried Exhibition.         Dec 4 - Dec 31

Rockport, MA

"Nourish", Belmont Art Gallery               Oct 15th - Dec 11th

"Tiny But Mighty”

American Tapestry Alliance                  Online

Featured in The Purposeful Mayo

Interview Cambridge Art Association

Concord Art Association, MA

22nd annual France Roddy competition

Juried by Sam Adams                          Sep 23rd - Oct 24th 

Mary Schein Fall Salon                        Sep 11th - Sep 26th

Kathryn Schultz Gallery    

Interview The Huts Magazine

In collaboration with "The Huts Magazine"

"Connectivité" juried exhibition here         May 31 - June 26 2021

The Purposeful Mayo

"Rêverie" inaugural exhibition here            May 5 - June 15 2021


Belmont, MA

"Hope is the thing with feathers"                   May 17th+

"Art Heals" juried exhibition                                 April 1st- May31     2021

Cambridge, MA

Kathryn Schultz Gallery                       Mar 2nd- Mar18th  2021

Members Prize Show

Concord Art 

Members juried exhibition                    Jan 14th - Feb 14th 2021

Belmont Art Gallery, Belmont MA

Portraits (online)                                  Dec 12th - Jan 31st 2021

Beacon Gallery, Boston MA                             Dec 19 2020

Art Dash 2020


Workshop 13, Ware MA

NortheastFine Arts juried exhibition: traditional realism.

                                                         Sep 26 - Oct 11 2020

Cape Cod Cultural center online exhibition "Humanity"

                                                                 September 2020

The James Library, Norwell MA

Honorable mention for "They don't toil"           March 2020

Old West Museum, Cheyenne WY

National juried exhibition "Western Spirit".      March 2020

Beacon Gallery, Boston MA

International Juried show "totem"

Best in show prize                                    February 2020

University place Gallery, Cambridge MA

Broken beauty juried exhibition                       January 2020

440 Gallery, Brooklyn NY

National juried show                                  December 2019

Main Street Arts, Clifton Spring NY

National Juried show                                  December 2019

RAA&M Rockport Art Association, Rockport MA

National Fine Arts annual juried show            November 2019

South Shore Art Center, Cohasset MA

National juried exhibition "Simple Pleasures"

Honorable mention for "Thunder Roll"             November 2019

Arlington Center for the arts, Arlington MA.      Fall 2019

 Juried exhibition "Very superstitious"


Belmont Art Gallery, MA                              2019 2020

Juried exhibition

The Martin Group, Boston MA

National juried exhibition "Storytelling in textiles" October 2019

The James Library, Norwell MA

Juried exhibition "Continuum"

Honorable Mention for "Mount Washington".  September 2019

Newburyport Art Gallery, Newburyport MA

Member Fall juried show                            September 2019

Best in watercolor prize for "Death Valley Spring"

Permanent exhibition "horticultural heroes" in Boylston, MA Tower Hill Botanical Garden (2019)





MSc Signal Processing & Communications, Imperial College, London (with Diploma)         1996-1997


MSc Telecommunications, Telecom Paris, France                                                                                       1995-1997


BSc Applied Mathematics, Ecole Polytechnique, France                                                                   1992-1995




After graduating from Ecole Polytechnique and a MsC at Imperial College, Fleur Thesmar worked 20 years in France in the high tech industry.


Her arrival in the United Stated in 2015 triggered an ancient passion of hers: drawing. She took classes at the MFA with the studio art program. Since then, she has exhibited her paintings and fiber artworks in international and national juried shows in Boston, Cambridge, Arlington, Newburyport, Norwell, Boylston, MA, Brooklyn NY, Cheyenne, WY, Bourg-La-Reine, France, etc. As an emerging artist, she pursues her wish to share her intense emotions and change of perspective due to her migration in the USA.

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