Two roses, natural pigments

11x13 inches

These spectacular roses were painted with natural, hand harvested pigments. These pigments were then transformed into paint in the USA (New Mexico), as you can see with the palette on the second picture.

Being allergic to preservatives contained in industrial and professional watercolors, I currently have to paint with a heavy mask when I use them. On the other side, these artisanal watercolors are not poisonous to me because the preservatives they use is natural. I am currently working into replacing my supplies by inocuous paint that would be as light fast as the industrial ones. It is a new journey and after a hard time, I have learned how to appreciate this change.

In this painting, I had the pleasure to paint without a mask beautiful pink roses. Although my colors are pale in comparison of reality, I enjoyed to depict the extraordinary symetry of these roses, to use simulatenous contrast to enhance the pink, and finally to create an astonishing painting celebrating nature.

I may paint these on a larger size.