** Secret Garden **

Unframed watercolor 22x30 inches. Custom framed available, please contact me.

This watercolor will take two days to be shipped.


My research on nature led me to these abstractions. I wanted to show the extraordinary impression of depth I often have when I observe gardens or landscapes. The colors remind me of dahlias paintings I did last year, or pine trees coming from Renaissance paintings.


Secret Garden is a watercolor on Arches paper 22x30 inches, custom framed with anti UV anti glare glass. It reflects about the nature of space and the crystalline shapes of some plants. The pink and orange shapes evokes dahlias, while an opening of the paper sheets dives into a pine forest inspired by Renaissance paintings. The pine branches and dahlias flowers echoes on the foreground.


"During the spring of 2020 I experienced an epiphany about the structures of trees. This watercolor is part of an experiment depicting this vision of crystalline trees, or space as a grid. I pursued the experiment of depth using patterns which I believe reflect the true nature of space. The paper seems to be a theater, a decor".

Secret Garden 1 (unframed)