“Zabriskie Point” is a watercolor on aluminum board, 20x24 inches.

Available with or without the frame.


Landscape watercolor of Zabrieski's Point in Death Valley, California.

This view of the desert completes my current work, which has some surrealistic aspects.


In this new series, I combine pieces of human-made and natural objects. I aim to challenge the feeling of oppression increasingly induced by machines.


In recent months, I felt that language became dysfunctional. Talking can divide, even with family and friends; the art of conversation has grown fragile. I intend to depict such unspeakable stories with many layers of interpretation. I want to address themes such as love, loneliness, social media, narcissism, and death through this art.


I reverse the traditional perspective, using instead a personal composition structure based on the golden ratio. I use non-allergen natural pigments.

Zabriskie Point (framed)